Your First Hip Scarf!

Choosing Your First Scarf

There are NUMEROUS dance resources out there (including amazon and etsy). However, below are resources I've used in the past, specific to the community. If anything occurs, I cannot take responsibility for that, but I've had pleasant experiences with all. Warning: Some places take 1-2 weeks shipping (unless you choose the expedited shipping)--

Cabaret - shiny/sparkly coins -

  • - One of the largest and most established bellydance companies. Started by and still maintained by a former dancer. They are pretty responsive, provide layaways and take 1-2 weeks to ship. Scroll through the MANY options. You should find something to your liking/price range.
  • Unicorn BDS - Has been around awhile. I purchased one of my first coin belts from them almost 20 years ago. If you are just starting out and looking for something budget friendly, this is the place.
  • BellyDance Store - They are owned by Hollywood Music, but =I've purchased swords from them in the past. They do a good job and provide a large assortment. - 
  • Miss BellyDance - Although I haven't used this site, I've heard other dancers describe them, so I'm providing that as a resource -

Tribal - More Stylized

  • Barocco - This dancer is located in the UK. Her factory is in India. She focuses on reusing saris for dance costumes. I requested information about ethical practices. She stated she tries her best and forwarded on an image that the factory manager provided to her of him in his office with some of the products. Despite the international location, there's a pretty quick turnaround and her etsy site typically always provides sales -
  • Red Camel - I've purchased coins from them in the past, but they also provide belt options -

Make Your Own!

Do you have a pashmina, shawl or normal scarf at home? Bam! You have your dance scarf. However, you can also sew your own. Is it difficult? Not at all. I used to make my own hip scarves and veils by driving to Jomar, Joanne's, or, sigh, Walmart. Nowadays, you can also buy fabric online. You can either freehand it OR use one of the many sites online:

  • Sparkly Belly - This is a GREAT resource. I love reading her patterns (even if I typically freestyle it in the end), she provides GREAT guidelines.
  • Simplicity - Simplicity has a ton of (out of print) bellydance patterns. I used one to create a Gahwazee coat and another to create a full dress. So, if you can't find what you want here, search amazon or etsy as a crafters always put those patterns up for sale.