Comics & Costumes

I love recreating comic costumes. While I love learning how American bellydance pulls from various Middle Eastern cultures and how it developed in this country, I also love seeing the form I love pop up in popular contemporary culture, especially in comics. While I can't explain away the overt sexualization or orientalist overtones, seeing some of the costumes I love worn by kickass female characters almost makes up for it from Old School Star Trek with Scotty's 'Wolf-In-The-Fold' dancer to  Aladdin's Jasmine to Star War's Leia in Return of the Jedi. So, if you're a bellydancer and into comics, it's pretty easy to adapt your favorite costumes to some of my favorite warriors. 

Red Sonja

Sonja and ConanI loved Walter Geovani's art with Gail Simone's female oriented writing. Do you have a coin belt and a coin bra? If so, done! Do you have a sword for balancing? Even better!

Dora Milaje

DoraWhen Christopher Priest introduced the Dora Milaje, they were kickass but slightly overtly sexual bodyguards in high heels. Luckily, the film and ensuing comics course-corrected leaning more towards the badass side of the characters. Cosplaying as a Dora Milaje only requires a gahwazee coat, an ornate bra\belt, and a saiidi stick. Easy Peasy.

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Scarlet Witch is of Romani folk. One of my favorite Avengers comics, featured her doing a Romani dance. In the 90s, early 00s, her costume became even more 'American bellydance' inspired with the circle skirt, gold bracelets, and coin belt. Any dancer with a red circle skirt, red coin belt, red headband and red choli could easily rock a Scarlet Witch cosplay.


I love Xena because the TV show blatantly incorporated various 'American bellydance'-styled routines from veil to poi to everything in-between. Most of the show's belly dance-style costumes were lightly decorated bras. Although I thought Gabrielle wore a Costless-style outfit in 'Who's Gurkhan' the available images (see below left) say otherwise. Although you can rock any of the show's midriff (or non-midriff-baring) costumes for Xena-Gabrielle inspired dance costumes, to recreate Gabrielle's bellydance specific outfits, pop gold outlines onto a blue bra. For a Where's Gurkhan specific cosplay use a gold sequin belt with loops, for the Caligula-style outfit, just rock a blue belt with lace.