Standard Bellydance Show
Previously, a fixture in the upper state New York festival circuit, Aneeta is open to performing for community events, cultural groups, and family friendly parties. Show includes 15-20 minute performance and mini-post-show instruction. Catch her this Spring performing at ThyGeekdomCon's Masquerade event.

Cultural Instruction
Pulling from her M.A. in representations of the African/Turk in 18th century, Aneeta recently served as an invited lecturer to the Mt Airy Performing Arts intro and advanced bellydance classes. She is currently undergoing Middle Eastern Dance teaching certification with Kaeshi Chi of BellyQueen.  Aneeta can provide talks on the representation of orientalism and evolution of western bellydance.

She has taught dance workshops throughout 2019 for the Philly Library system, local universities and Mt Airy Performing Arts:

    • Philly Free Library (West Philly)
    • Philly Free Library (South Philly)
    • Penn Bellydance
    • Germantown Area

CosPlay Bellygram
In addition to providing cultural instruction and a standard bellydance show, she is available for bellygrams as a Dora Milaje. As a former ren faire improvisational performer, Aneeta has undergone "Sword Fighting for Stage and Film" with Ken Nichols and Saidi Stick dancing with Yassar Darwish at Harlem Hafla. She is currently undergoing sword certification with Bohemain Bellydance and enjoys taking classes with Argent Combat. This summer she will perform at various local ren faires and comic cons.